Leaving Google

So I read this AMA and one post really struck a cord with me. After deciding yep I’m leaving I did some searching and found this Youtuber, Hex DSL, where he goes over his services and what he’s been switching from. I found this really useful to compare where I was in terms of what I need to do.

So below is the table of things I use and what I’m changing.

Current ServiceAlternativeSwitchedComments
GmailProtonmailDoneSome places don’t let you change your email.
Google DriveAmazon DriveDoneI have a lot of files :(
Google ContactsProtonmailDoneThis was easy with CardDAV protocol
Google CalendarHotmail’s CalendarDoneThis was easy with CalDAV protocol
Google SearchDuckduckgoDoneThis is easy to change.
Google PhotosAmazon PhotosDoneGrouping this with the Google Drive -> Amazon
Google AnalyticsClickyDone

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