GlideUtils - Tool to clean up comments

I made a scoped app to clean up comments and I plan to put in other functions in this too.


This has been removed and code moved to the “dev toolbox” repo

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Something I find I have to do from time to time is clean up a bad comment, something that might have a password or some other text that you don’t want in the comments. To clean this up you have to normally go to the sys_journal_field table, modify the records, sys_audit table, modify the records, then delete the sys_history_set record for that. Then, your changes finally stick.

Well, I got tired of having to do that. So I made a UI Page that does it all for me if I just give it the thing I want to replace and the text to replace it with.

If, like anything I share on git, you want to change it feel free to make a pull request.

So enjoy!


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