Service Portal 404s

This post, inspired me to make a local copy of 404 pages from it and other places on the web to drive ideas to make new ones.

niedziel's Chinese Cookie 404

shuguang’s report an issue 404

shuguang's report an issue 404

drbz’s apache http server 404

drbz's apache http server 404

syvo’s map 404

syvo's map 404

parameswar’s book 404

parameswar's book 404

justindreher’s cat 404

justindreher's cat 404

amruta.tamdoo’s dog 404

amruta.tamdoo's dog 404

aurore.imakumo's dead link 404

tomp4m’s pacman ghost 404

tomp4m's pacman ghost 404

eduque’s multi user dungeon

eduque's multi user dungeon

brianlawes’s breakout 404

brianlawes's breakout 404

binh.truong’s hasselhoff 404

binh.truong's hasselhoff 404

markb’s Chuck Norris 404

markb's Chuck Norris 404

Gaurav Bajaj’s minion 404

Gaurav Bajaj's minion 404

mski’s rick and morty 404

mski's rick and morty 404

Dylan Mann’s rick and morty 404

Dylan Mann's rick and morty 404

michaelskae’s family guy 404

michaelskae's family guy 404

Patrick Fedigan’s inspector gadget 404

Patrick Fedigan's inspector gadget

Monkia’s Inside Out’s Sadness 404

Monkia's Inside Out's Sadness

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