Service Portal: Viewing what's loaded on the page

This is blatantly taken from HI as this I think is useful enough to re-post nearly verbatim.

If you've ever needed to know which Client Scripts, UI Policies, and UI Actions are loading onto the page when you view a form or Service Catalog item in Service Portal, the information is readily available if
your know where to look.

If you are using the out-of-box "SC Catalog Item" and "Form" widgets, you can find this information in the widgets scope.

To view the widgets scope, hold down the CTRL key and right-click anywhere in the widget. Choose "Log to console: $scope". Open your browser developer tools to the JavaScript console. Expand the "Object"
that has been dumped to the console.

"Form" widget

Client Scripts are located at


UI Policies are located at


UI Actions are located at


"SC Catalog Item" widget

Client Scripts are located at


UI Policies are located at