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as this I think is useful enough to re-post nearly verbatim.

If you've ever needed to know exactly which Client Scripts, UI Policies,
and UI Actions are loading onto the page when you view a form or Service
Catalog item in Service Portal, the information is readily available if
your know where to look.

If you are using the out-of-box "SC Catalog Item" and "Form" widgets,
you can find this information in the widgets scope.

To view the widgets scope, hold down the CTRL key and right-click
anywhere in the widget. Choose "Log to console: $scope". Open your
browser developer tools to the JavaScript console. Expand the "Object"
that has been dumped to the console.

"Form" widget

Client Scripts are located at:


UI Policies are located at:


UI Actions are located at:


"SC Catalog Item" widget

Client Scripts are located at:


UI Policies are located at: