Open Source Activity Formatter

The Out of Box activity formatter is… something… isn’t it? It has a lot of features, but with those features it has a number of issues and it’s one of the things HI’s never given out.

I replied to a post recently about this on the community.

It was really a short post but the idea started before then when I was asked to control specifically what emails could and could not show up on the formatter. I thought the formatter respected ACLs and Before Business Rules, but it does not. I opened a HI ticket as this seems like a bug, if I add an ACL or a before business rule to restrict access to something it should be restricted however it’s called.

Here’s the goals of this project, to have a starting point to up and replace the OOB formatter;

Today, here’s the state of it; 2018-12-31-open-source-activity-formatter

So to do that we need the following features;

I’d like to enhance this to allow these features;

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