Here's my take of whats new with Madrid


I was told these are things I should look at;

Thing Comment
Agent Workspace Yep It's here, it's nice, g_form stuff works on it for mobile stuff
Agent Workspace Lists Not sure what to look at here
Agent Workspace Form Resizing Nice?
Agent Workspace Contextual Search Looking into what's different
ATF Lots of new features
ATF Smart Suites Sounds, intelligent
ATF Quick Start Test Could be improved
ATF Custom UI / Page Inspector Interesting and a nice addition
ATF Parameterized Tests Looks great
Virtual Agent Extra subscription
No-code designer It's pretty
Adv. Work Assignment Not sure what this is
Service Portal Multiple KB and Catalog Support Now that I have a work around I have to see if it's worth undoing it for this
Store & Plugin UI Updates Only impacts Admins, it's nice
Mid Server - Now using JRE Saving some $ money
CMDB Query Builder I'll have to check it out
Flow Designer Booo
Decision Trees Booo
New Logic Booo
New Actions Booo
New API Booo
Reporting on Running Flows Booo
IntegrationHub - Adds Soap Nice
IntegrationHub - Payload Builder ...
Mobile - new app on apple and play store Where? Not as of Jan 29
Mobile studio I still haven't found it
Mobile offline capable Nice...
Instance Security Center I still think!/share/contents/7852853_security_best_practice_audit?v=3.02&t=PRODUCT_DETAILS was better, easier to follow
Cloning Cant test this on my pdi
Analytics hub not sure I know this.