Projects are better than Certificates

I posted a survey on Twitter a few weeks ago;

Why does this matter?

Average developers using ServiceNow think they need a certificate to validate
that they really do in fact know something about ServiceNow. I think having
a certificate is great for ServiceNow, and for your employer if you're a consultant
because it adds to their partner level stuff. You know what is better? Something.
That. You. Make.

Make something, make anything. If it's something you find useful, share that.

Jobs that post that they require a certificate, don't know the ins-and-outs of
what is entailed in getting, and maintaining the certificate. They are not cheap.

Let's follow one of my... Twitter threads;

Let me just say this one more time. If I were hiring, and as the top survey had shown, showing results is better than a certificate any day. I'd suggest creating something instead of getting certified. If, you have to get certified, just realize it's likely not what you think it is.

None of these things guarantee employment and at least if you have something you made, you can have that in a portfolio which is better than a piece of paper saying you know ITSM.