Going Fast in ServiceNow

Robert Fedoruk has been killing it with his content, and one of theses posts needs to be retold because it is, just that good.

Source: Youtube

I feel like this should be searchable and isn't today. So I am making a post to share that content.

There's a few things people should know to going fast. All the shortcuts, and accessing your stuff.

List Management


Be bold and use your middle finger, to right-click on everything. This gives your access to the following actions;
filter out

Use the monacle to search columns

This will load a textbox below each column, they work with text like so;

Jump around with breadcrumbs

You can change your filter fast by smashing the different parts of the breadcrumbs.

Editing data in a list

You don't have to go into each record to change the data.

Control the data you see with the cog

Accessing your stuff fast