Quick Guide: Orlando

Here's my take of what's new with Orlando. To me this seems like the release of "The Workspace". Sure there are other updates but unless you subscribe to those specific SKUs, you won't see meaningful updates for your customers. The improvements to me seem to be mostly on the workspaces.

Deprecated things

Updated things

New things

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macmorning commented on Jan 29, 2020

Thanks Jace.
I can still see no way to create or edit the new UX components (like ribbons).

jacebenson commented on Jan 29, 2020

I've heard that is coming out with General Availability. See https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/orlando-servicenow-platform/page/administer/workspace/concept/record-view.html#d1269810e56

macmorning commented on Jan 29, 2020

You just warmed my heart. The documentation stays vague though, giving hints about "adding custom components" but not actually giving details about it.
This page reads "Register your Now component with Tectonic" =>
Mood shifted from frustrated to excited. Thanks

jacebenson commented on Jan 29, 2020

I'm excited about it.