Here's my take of whats new with Orlando. To me this seems like the release of "The Workspace". Sure there are other updates but unless you subscribe to those specific skus, you won't see meaningful updates for your customers. The improvements to me seem to be mostly on the workspaces.

Deprecated things

  • Service Desk Call plugin now requires subscription (didn't before)
  • Discovery - Help the help desk plugin no longer available
  • Enterprise Release Management plugin no longer available
  • Facilities Service Management plugin no longer available

Updated things

  • Agent Workspace: CMDB
  • Agent Workspace: Form annotation supported
  • Agent Workspace: Field Styles not supported
  • Agent Workspace: Faster list loading by not showing count of all rows
  • Agent Workspace: Variable editor in Agent Workspace inline
  • ATF: Quick Start Tests for many things
  • ATF: Copy automated test suite, copies all nested tests
  • ATF: Emails can now be tested
  • ATF: Workspaces can now be tested
  • VTB: Compact cards, now more compact (thinner columns)
  • VTB: Can show attachment preview on board
  • Flow Designer: Service Catalog - Plugin now active by default
  • Virtual Agent: Loads of updates
  • Mobile Platform: Loads of updates
  • Customer Service Management: Loads of updates
  • Field Service Management: Loads of updates
  • Human Resources Service Delivery: Loads of updates
  • Project Portfolio Management: Loads of updates
  • Mid Servers require JRE 1.8.0_161 or greator
  • Mid Servers for discovery require Powershell 5.1 (was 3.0)
  • Mid Servers no longer need an admin account, just read/write to the /agent folder
  • MID Servers now support Microsoft JEA authentication in order to run basic Discovery.

New things

  • Now Components available for development see NDS
  • Studio: Edit source control files outside of ServiceNow
  • Studio: Can use Mid connect to source control
  • Studio: Set the GIT repository default branch
  • System Clone: Presever Update Sets - no longer need to export/import from target instance
  • Service Portal: Widget Diagnostics
  • Import and Export: REST (IntegrationHub) type data source
  • Import and Export: Custom (Load by Script) type data source
  • Import and Export: Robust Import Set Transformers
  • Import and Export: Custom (Parse by Script) format
  • Import and Export: CSV line parser
  • Import and Export: Scoped scriptable Import Set APIs
  • Investment Funding - This sounds new
  • Discovery: ServiceNow Certificate Inventory and Management application
  • Dynamic Translation - Translates stuff on the fly

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