Now Experience Notes

I was following along with Upside-down Andrew's posts and taking notes trying to get a now-expierence component to work.

Here's my notes;

  1. Checked version of node; node --version it's at 12.16.1

  2. Checked version of npm; npm --version it's at 6.13.4 (howver there's a upgrade to 6.14.4)

  3. Checked version of now-cli; now-cli --version it's at 17.0.2

  4. Created folder/repository to render a joke from

  5. Created file with aweseome contnet (thanks AAD)

  6. Staged my commit of the update to

  7. Created Repository on Github

  8. Added SSH Repository link

  9. Ensured is returned when git remote show origin

    • If you don't have SSH configured with Git, you'll want to undo the git url and use https instead... really set up SSH
    • Github's docs to do this
  10. Push your either by git push -u origin remote or with buttons in VS Code. You should see the file on with it's contents

  11. You need an empty to build the project, so lets delete that you can do that by typing rm

  12. Now we can create the project, I ran now-cli project --name "@jace/now-joke" --description "It's what it says on the lid"

  13. It created the scaffolding, you'll need to do a npm install or npm i to install the package.json dependencies

  14. We can finally Start rendering something.... run now-cli develop --open

  15. Edit the ./src/x-1234-your-component/index.js line 7 to say something, your browser should update