Knowledge20 Session Review Week of May 10th

So I was going to do this at the end, but I’ll try this weekly

So Knowledge20 is a new experience for everyone, attendees and organizers. Everything has changed.

I want to first say I am amazed at the work ServiceNow did to make this event happen remotely when it was slated to be an in person event at no cost.

There’s a lot of opportunity here for small and large partners to pick up leads where things were missed but not much was missed on the content. The way the content is fulfilled could have been better but over all it’s been pretty great. I want to note the issues I had when trying to get to sessions up until this point.

  • Inconsistent redirects
  • Forced logins on labs and sessions
  • Live Session links not redirected to the “NowLearning” equivalent

A few things gained from this;

  • Watching videos at the speed of “Now” (aka 2x)
  • 6 weeks to watch the content instead of 5 days
  • Money saved from not having to pay for a ticket, and not having to pay for lodging and travel

With all that being said, here’s what I attended and my thoughts on those.

Watched Sessions

  • Building your reputation with Now Community - Robert Fedoruk and Mark Obee

    • How to build your reputation. I found this useful
  • Creating now community content that matters - Chuck Tomasi and Mark Obee

    • How does Chuck create impactful content? @6:40

      • Be Passionate About the topic, know your audience and what you want to say, and then find the right delivery channel for that.

      • If you’re not passionate about the content. You will stop.

      • Consider why the audience should care. “What’s in it for me?”

      • Structure your content that you want to hit so when you’re creating it you don’t miss a point.

      • Understand what’s the topic, purpose and Call to action and other “typical presentation stuff Chuck isn’t going to get into.”

      • Think about the type of content, does it lend it self to be better made as a video, podcast, blog or tweet?

    • Advise to get started creating content

      • Participate in the community, be passionate about the content you want to write about.
      • Focus your content to fine point.
      • Think about ways to share the content in many places

      • Get feedback from trusted individual

      • Get started creating content - Mark Obee

  • Visibility for TLS Certificates and automation of task workflows

I have a personal interest in this as I’ve written integrations with Sectigo and other Certificate authorities to end-to-end provision certificates. This seems to be just a tool to watch when certificates expire, not provisioning them.

- Visibility to deployed TLS Certificates
- Proactive Management for TLS cert expiry stuff
- Automated incident creation
- Integrations with Vulnerability management and Risk Management
- With Orlando you can discover the certificates via Discovery
- No automation to generate the certificates today @4:30
- This is a store app @6:55

Unwatched Sessions

Sessions I didn’t get a chance to look at but intend to. This post may be updated with notes if I get to them.

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