A while ago I wrote about how certificates are not as important as Projects. I hold that believe. But free is free. I caved and took the training to get the voucher. If you have not, you should.

The NowLearning has improved a lot. They go over a lot of stuff. Here's a list of the things I worked on to get it;

  • ServiceNow Platform Overview
  • Now Platform User Interface Overview
  • Branding Overview
  • Lists and Filters Overview
  • Forms Overview
  • Task Management Overview
  • Notifications Overview
  • Reporting Overview
  • Knowledge Management Overview
  • Service Catalog Overview
  • Flow Designer Overview
  • Virtual Agent Overview
  • Data schema overview
  • Application and access control overview
  • Importing data overview
  • Configuration Management database overview
  • Service Catalog administration
  • Scripts overview
  • Migration and integration overview
  • Custom application development
  • Instance stats overview

Link to the Learning Path