New ServiceNow CLI

Tonight I popped in the latest Let's Code Happy Hour on ServiceNow's Youtube channel. They were going to "Enhance the Karaoke App" that Chuck Tomasi maintains.
It's great fun. The technology they choose to preview is not available yet. It's neat. I wanted to write about it before I forget since THIS IS NOT DOCUMENTED ANYWHERE YET.

At 9:07 on the stream Chuck starts summarizing what this is. Below I have that quote;

We are going to be using the new cli.
Which will be coming out shortly.
This is a preview.
I did ask our product people, "Can I show this 'cause its not publicly available yet?" It will be available in the store, you install the plugin, or the module, or whataver it is.
And you will be able to configure endpoints.
Think of it as a custom curl if you will, but you dont have to specify the full url or your credentials and all the stuff to be able to run macros.
From a command line (linux mac windows) you could automate some more stuff and integrate with scripted rest apis or the table apis or any of the built in apis to be able to carry out actions
and trigger them in the instance from a command line.
Chuck Tomasi

This seems pretty sweet. During the stream I was thinking about some possible use cases;

That all seems .... powerful.

I can see this getting some good usage.

I asked "where do I get this?". It's not out yet and will be release soon.

One other thing mentioned about how to get new commands snc;

Yea and so what that does right is that
connects to the instance and goes and
you know introspects those table in which
you were editing those records and pulls
down any new command so that you can engage
with them here.
Andrew Barnes

What does this look like on the terminal?

I typed out what was on his terminal below.

This new thing uses three tables

What are my thoughts?

Well this is cool. I wish I could play with it. I hope it isn't attached to some random SKU.

This might get some serious usage if non-admins get permissions to use it.

Could I have used this in the past. Yes.

In the past when I've needed to connect to ServiceNow send up data to the instance. In those cases, this could have been helpful.

The ServiceNow CLI looks cool. It's a new feature I will mess with.