Alternatives to OpenAI, AI21, CoHere, Azure, AWS Sagemaker, Google Colab, PipelineAI and others

I'm trying to understand the pricing to all of this AI / ML tech for my uses with ScribeMonster. This is a work in progress so far I'm categorizing the different solutions as Token, Other, or Compute.

If you find an error, reach out to me on twitter @jacebenson.

Token Solutions

ModelHosting/hourPrompt PriceCompletion PriceCost per Request
OpenAI - Ada$0.0004/1k$0.0004/1k tokenFree
OpenAI - Ada Trained$0.0016/1k$0.0016/1k tokenFree
OpenAI - Babbage$0.0005/1k$0.0005/1k tokenFree
OpenAI - Babbage Trained$0.0024/1k$0.0024/1k tokenFree
OpenAI - Curie$0.0020/1k$0.0020/1k tokenFree
OpenAI - Curie Trained$0.0120/1k$0.0120/1k tokenFree
OpenAI - Davinci$0.0200/1k$0.0200/1k tokenFree
OpenAI - Davinci Trained$0.1200/1k$0.1200/1k tokenFree
AI21 - J-1 LargeFree$0.0300/1k token$0.0003
AI21 - J-1 Large TrainedFree$0.0300/1k token$0.0003
AI21 - J-1 GrandeFree$0.0800/1k token$0.0008
AI21 - J-1 Grande TrainedFree$0.0800/1k token$0.0008
AI21 - J-1 JumboFree$0.2500/1k token$0.0050
AI21 - J-1 Jumbo TrainedFree$0.2500/1k token$0.0050
CoHere Generate DefaultFreeFree$0.0025
CoHere Generate CustomFreeFree$0.0050
CoHere Classify DefaultFreeFree$0.0020
CoHere Classify CustomFreeFree$0.0020
CoHere Embed DefaultFreeFree$0.0010
CoHere Embed CustomFreeFree$0.0020
Azure - Ada$0.0004/1k$0.0004/1k tokenFree
Azure - Ada Trained$00.05$0.0004/1k$0.0004/1k tokenFree
Azure - Babbage$0.0005/1k$0.0005/1k tokenFree
Azure - Babbage Trained$00.08$0.0005/1k$0.0005/1k tokenFree
Azure - Curie$0.0020/1k$0.0020/1k tokenFree
Azure - Curie Trained$00.24$0.0020/1k$0.0020/1k tokenFree
Azure - Davinci$0.0200/1k$0.0200/1k tokenFree
Azure - Davinci Trained$34.00$0.0200/1k$0.0200/1k tokenFree

Other Solutions

Google ColabPriced per "Compute Unit" and that's tied to your config
AWS SagemakerDifferent pricing for different tasks

Compute Solutions

HostMonthly PricePrice
Pipeline$12.99$0.00055 / second [1.98/hour]
Google Cloud$3.22 / hour
AWS EC2 P3$3.06 / hour
Azure ML?

Other Resources