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  • Rewrite Journal content
  • Variable Helper
  • Add Data to Table
  • Create Module from this Query
  • GlideRecord Script - Background Script
  • GlideRecord Script - Preview
  • “Email Scripts” Related List
  • “Set Name from Question” Tool
  • “Set Value from Label” Tool
  • “Set Value from Text” Tool
  • “Show Contents of g_scratchpad” Tool
  • “Show Schema Map” Tools

Rewrite Journal Content

This adds a UI Action for admins to replace text on task for users with the admin role. This is what the feature looks like in action; Animation of rewriting journal content

Variable Helper

//example mail script
(function runMailScript(current, template, email, email_action, event) {
  template.print("Additional details:<br />");
  function printVars(){
    var vh = new x_8821_glide_utils.variableHelper();
    var vars = vh.getVariables(current);
    for (var i = 0; i < vars.length; i++) {;
      template.print(" " + "<b>" + vars[i].label + ": " + "</b>");
      template.print(vars[i].value + "\n" + "<br/>");
})(current, template, email, email_action, event); 
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