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Versions of things

Sometimes you just want to know the versions of things you’re using. Getting Versions of things <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <j:jelly trim="true" xmlns:j="jelly:core" xmlns:g="glide" xmlns:g2="null" xmlns:j2="null"> <g:inline template="ng_head_inline_script.xml" /> <g:requires name="scripts/angular_includes_1.4.js" includes="true" /> <g:requires name="styles/css_includes_doctype.css" includes="true" /> <g:requires name="scripts/lib/jquery_includes.js" /> <g:requires name="styles/heisenberg/heisenberg_all.css" includes="true" /> <g:requires name="scripts/heisenberg/heisenberg_all.js" /> <g:evaluate> var midVersion = gs.getProperty('mid.version').split('-')[0].toLowerCase(); var ecma3Versions = [ 'geneva', 'fuji', 'eureka', 'dublin', 'calgary', 'berlin' ]; var ecma3 = (function (){ for(var version in ecma3Versions){ if(midVersion == version){ return true; } } return false; })(); //var currentContext = Context.

Pasting Images in the normal GUI

Sometime ago I looked for the ability to paste images onto a form and have it attach in both the portal, and the standard ui. I found this post back then by Niklas Johansson. I modified this some and got it to work by making the following modifications. This does not work on IE11 or IE Edge. So this uses the following bits; UI Script (to load the functions to be called in client scripts) Client Script(s) (to add the ability on a form by form basis, or all when associated to global) Script Include (to handle the upload of the pasted file) UI Script // API Name: addPasteEvent // UI Type: Desktop // Global: Checked // Script: Below /** function addPasteEvent() { document.

Service Portal Pasting Images

In the past I’ve tried to set up image pasting before with Lars Tange’s solution, but that didn’t look how I liked it, as it had a specific field for pasting attachments. I am cleaning up some of my former stories and thought I’d do a cusory search and found this post by Christopher Decugis about how he modified it to work. It works great. Below I’ll go over what you need to do if you want this on your portal as well.