Knowledge 18 Notes

I was very lucky to get to go to Knowledge18 and before I leave I just want to write this down as to not forget it. Of the labs, I attended I had no technical difficulty with the wifi or content. Others did, but somehow not me. Below I’ll go over the parts I think notable. Things to keep in mind in general If there are repeating classes the later ones will be better but the speaker may have lost their voice Know the difference between the different types of events.

Servicenow Learning

This post is a extension of this post. Below I go over the videos, and the interactive site. Official Documentation There’s 2 places that have this; Docs Developer Foundations eLearning (videos) There are 6 modules as part of the foundation course. You will get an introduction and overview of how to interact with and navigate through this Foundations course. It also covers on how to navigate using filters and breadcrumbs and what you can see and do as a System Administrator.

Intake Process

This is just the different team intake processes I’ve seen during my work with ServiceNow. Intake Process Light Agile This process is in use by a team of three developers running two sprints on a two week span. Each member is rotated through the support sprint every third week. Light Agile Sprint Ceremonies Ceremonies Frequency Attendees Team Standup Monday Every Week Development Team and Manager Team Standup Wednesday, Thursday Every Week Development Team Planning Wednesday Every Other Week Development Team, Process Owners, Story Requestors Light Agile Support Sprint Responsibilities Frequency Handle Incoming incidents As needed Verify new story requirements When available Size new stories When available Split large stories into smaller ones When available Move update sets to test and sandbox Every other Tuesday Move update sets to production Every other Wednesday Light Agile Development Sprint Responsibilities Frequency Assign Stories to self When available Develop Features All the time Update Story to UAT when done When available Pull in stories if sprint is short When available Heavy Agile Process This process is in use by a team of eight developers running one sprints on a three week span.

Setup Workspace for development

The way I set up my workspace for development Setup Workspace for development Software Rest Client Soap Client Screen-capture Password Manager Android Studio Git Text Editor Virtual Box Command Line 2FA Clipboard Manager Browsers Accounts Github & Gitlab Developer.servicenow.com Software It’s important to have your software set up to quickly test/prototype and make solutions. Below are the things I think every developer needs and my personal applications I use.