Quick Guide: Orlando

Here’s my take of whats new with Orlando. To me this seems like the release of “The Workspace”. Sure there are other updates but unless you subscribe to those specific skus, you won’t see meaningful updates for your customers. The improvements to me seem to be mostly on the workspaces. Deprecated things Service Desk Call plugin now requires subscription (didn’t before) Discovery - Help the help desk plugin no longer available Enterprise Release Management plugin no longer available Facilities Service Management plugin no longer available Updated things

Quick Guide: New York

Here’s my take of whats new with New York Deprecated things Processors-Listed under changes Note: This feature is deprecated. While legacy, custom processors will continue to be supported, creating new custom processors has been deprecated. Instead, please use the Scripted REST APIs. The following information is left in the documentation for existing processors only. You can still create them, so it’s just a recommendation Deprecated does not mean that we’re disabling it.