Servicenow System Administrator Day


Become a master in Automated Test Framework (ATF) for Service Portal by learning how to use the new and cutting-edge functionality recently added to the platform.

Attendees will learn how to;

• Test portal pages against existing ATF tests with newly improved to Custom UI testing capability
• Easily check if your Service Portal pages can be accurately tested by ATF and if not, learn how to make the necessary updates to ensure accurate tests
• Use parameterized testing to quickly improve the coverage and efficiency of your ATF tests on the Service Portal

1315 Tyler Street Northeast, Minneapolis, MN 55413, Bauhaus Brew Labs

About this Event

Do you work on the ServiceNow Platform? Then this event is for you!

We invite all of our local customers to get their developers and admins in the same room to participate in hands-on lab activities, conversations around best practices, sharing of lessons learned, and more!

  • Information Share
  • Hands-On Lab
  • System Admin Panel
  • Customer Presentations (Awesome prizes will be awarded!)
  • Happy Hour 3:30-5:00PM
  • Have you done something cool this year? It is time to show it off!

We will be asking for volunteers to share their cool custom application, configuration, workflow, or something else, and giving prizes to the best of the bunch!

Thanks for all that you do! We can’t wait to see you!

Jace Benson
ServiceNow Developer

ServiceNow is my day job, JAMStack is my passion.