5 rules for emails

A two toned earth with a laptop and phone in front of them where emails are flying into the screens

Do not use the ServiceNow provided email address

Events or Workflow Activities? Always Events and here's a list of reasons why

  1. Ability to trigger the notification from any server side script.
  2. Faster prototyping of the notification. Why? Because you can trigger the notification on sysevent.
  3. Events can also trigger Script Actions which allow you to run server scripts.
  4. Workflow notifications are limited compared to notification events.
  5. Workflow notifications need you to checkout the workflow to update the notification.

Send email that require action

Allow users to unsubscribe to actionable, or informational emails or not

Actively discourage the use of Inbound Email as a mechanism for ticket creation. It should be used when the sending party is a robot. Over time, the conditions desired by your stakeholders, and the propensity for user input error will make inbound email a horrific mess. Its also like Pandora's Box. Once you tell users they can email into ServiceNow, they'll never stop. I force stakeholders to sign off to knowing about a 30% failure rate if they want inbound email processing. -- Robert Fedoruk

Memorize this diagram

A diagram showing the logic of when an incoming email is processed in ServiceNow