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Scripted REST Apis
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Knowledge Updates

But here's my list of notable features;

Web services update

This got notable updates;

Scripted REST APIs

Wow. This allows you to make endpoints return what you want without using processors.

Attachment REST API

This is a great api to reintroduce. Before you had to use the AttachmentCreator SOAP web service. The SOAP API has less limitations then this new REST API. You can't create an attachment without a record to attach it to. You might think that's trivial, until you try to do some catalog work via REST. This is a great api.

CORS support

Allows customers to specify which REST APIs on their ServiceNow instance allow cross-domain AJAX requests from specified whitelisted domains.

Service Watch -> ServiceMapping

Before this release Service Watch was a separate product requiring a stand alone product. After this release ServiceNow it re-branded as ServiceMapping and is now built into ServiceNow.

Release Notes

Security Operations

This is a new line of business that ServiceNow can sell to clients for tracking vulnerability responses, configuration compliance, threat intelligence, and trusted security circles within ServiceNow.

Release Notes

Edge Encryption

A separate line of business ServiceNow can sell to clients to allow the encryption of sensitive data on your company premises before sending it over the Internet to your ServiceNow instance (encrypted in flight)
where it remains encrypted at rest.

Release Notes