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These are all important things that seemed to have changed from the standard UI to the Service Portal. Be cautious.

Two things I have to call out. First, this was inspired by Ratesh Shah’s post. Second, you can read “Official” client script restrictions here on the docs.

Client Scripting issues

So a lot of things we did in the past in client scripts aren’t available in the Service Portal. In the past, any DOM manipulation or access and use of window across scripts was just frowned on. With the Service Portal Service-now has removed the use of those things. So if you want to use those you’ll have to change your scripts below.

Unsupported client scripting globals

The following globals and APIs are unavailable in client scripts in the Service Portal.

ThingDescription of the thing
windowThis is a object used by all browsers
documentThis is a object used by all browsers
$Prototypejs selector
$$Prototypejs css selector
$jAlias for jQuery
gelShortcut for window.getElementByID()

Re-usable utility functions

Macros and any Jelly are not supported on Service Portal. A few ways around this would be Widget dependencies or the ScriptLoader utility.

Widget Dependencies

In Service Portal, you can add widget dependencies for re-usable utility functions.


Another way would be to add a ScriptLoader to the client script.

UI Type for Catalog Client Scripts and Catalog UI Policies

If you want a catalog client script to work on both service portal / mobile and regular platform, you must select UI Type = ALL or┬áservice portal / mobile. It may be tempting to simply update every client script’s UI Type to All. for all catalog client scripts, but it may not be a good idea for performance reasons. Sometimes, there is a valid reason not to make the catalog client script available on portal due to functional requirements.

If you want a catalog UI policy to work on both service portal / mobile and regular platform, you must select Run scripts in UI Type = All. Use All, Desktop or Service Portal / Mobile based on your requirement as explained above. This field is not available on the form, you can change it from list view.

You can use window object to detect if your catalog item is being used in Service Portal or CMS (Rest of platform).

if (window) {
    // you are in CMS
} else {
    // you are in Service Portal</em>

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