Things to do with your PDI

A simple list of things to do to your PDI

A simple list of things to do to your PDI

Things you should do with you PDI when you zboot it.

  1. Create Local Account with your name/email
  2. Lockout all other users
  3. Activate Plugins
  4. Disable any "application" menus you don't intend to use.
  5. Update dictionary on task.wf_activity to be "active"
  6. Set up Oauth with Github for faster login
  7. Load any update sets/applications/shares you have saved off locally or in git repositories.

Useful Share/Applications/Update Sets

Share Share Git
Xplore Share Github
UI 16 Developer Patch Share Github
Upgrade Assistant Share
Code Search Service Portal Widget Github
Security Best Practice Audit Share

Background Script To Do This

// This will make a user with and id of slack
// password of password with appropriate roles.
var users = [{
id: 'jace.benson',
firstName: 'Jace',
lastName: 'Benson',
password: 'slack'
}, {
id: 'slack',
firstName: 'slack',
lastName: 'er',
password: 'slack'

function createUserWithRoles(userObj) {
var userGR = new GlideRecord('sys_user');
if(userGR.get('user_name', {
// donothing
} else {
userGR.setValue('active', 'true');
userGR.setValue('first_name', userObj.firstName);
userGR.setValue('last_name', userObj.lastName);
userGR.setValue('locked_out', false);
userGR.setValue('password_needs_reset', 'true');
userGR.setDisplayValue('user_password', userObj.password);
gs.print(' ' +;
gs.print(' ' + userObj.password);
var userSysId = userGR.update();
giveRole(userSysId, 'admin');
giveRole(userSysId, 'security_admin');
function giveRole(userId, roleName) {
var give = new GlideRecord('sys_user_has_role');
give.setValue('user', userId);
give.setDisplayValue('role', roleName);
function lockOutEveryoneElse() {
var usersToLockOut = new GlideRecord('sys_user');
while ( {
usersToLockOut.setValue('locked_out', true);