So today I was working on a widget Accept / Reject
. I found a share (link defunct)
that looked like it would meet all of my needs. It looked great, until I
tried rejecting a custom extended task table.

I couldn't easily set it to work so I backed it out and determined I'd
just roll my own, however that share updated a existing sp_instance.
After I backed out the update set that sp_instance record was still
there. I couldn't get it to fall off the page regardless what I tried;

  • Record didn't exist at this point so couldn't delete it.
  • Recreated empty table, and inserted the record with the referenced
    sys_id via setNewGuidValue. At
    this point I could set Active to false, but I wanted it gone.
  • Tried Deleting the record from the column record, but it would only
    ever delete the actual record on it's table and not from the related
    list of sp_instances.

I ended up making a new column, moving all widgets over, then deleted
the old column.