The way I set up my workspace for development

Setup Workspace for development


It's important to have your software set up to quickly test/prototype
and make solutions. Below are the things I think every developer needs
and my personal applications I use.

Rest Client

A separate Rest Client is really important because otherwise you may
login as the test account you're using.

Today I use It's great. I have
a workspaces in it for my personal APIs, ServiceNow's APIs and more.

Here's what it looks like, you can see also it's variable stuff where I
have the twitch.key but it's not visible.

Insomnia Rest Client

Soap Client

Sometimes you are forced to use SOAP. There is a pretty good tool for
testing those connections locally called
SOAPUI. It does have
REST and SOAP things but I just use it for SOAP. For ServiceNow
projects, just goto the target table
e.g., save the page as a file,
and make a new Project using that file.


Screen capture

I generally alternate between Windows Snipping

and Screencast-o-matic. If I need to
do any kind of notation or video, I use Screencast-o-matic. I initially
used this as it supported Linux, Windows, and Mac, but now they only
support Windows, and Mac.


If you're on windows this pairs well with
to show key presses.

Password Manager

When I did consulting I had to remember hundreds of logins. That's not
an easy feat. It was then I decided I'm going to use a password manager.
I've never looked back. Bitwarden has been
great for me. You have to make a few setting modifications so it doesn't
set fields automatically (because you don't want it to update a password
value accidentally). Outside of that it's pretty great.

Android Studio

Android Studio is
awesome for mobile testing, but it does take some time to stand up.


Git is great.

Text Editor

I'm going to try to tread lightly here. Everyone has their favorites,
I'm just going to say I use VS Code.
There are a number of great, popular
to try out, it's
nice to have one to work on files locally.

Virtual Box

Sometimes you have to ensure your sites work on certain versions of IE
as the updating of IE historically has been awful at a lot of places. At
least Virtual Box let's you do it.

So when I found Microsoft officially makes virtual machines to test
different versions of IE, I bookmarked that in a hurry. Here it is,
Microsoft's Official Virtual

Command Line

Unless you're on a Windows 10 machine with it's
or using a Mac with it's native bash, or on Linux, you need something
It's so slow. I've given up on WSL.

I've used ConEmu for quite a while and it's
pretty great.

Clipboard Manager

I really like the cross-platform versions of these things and as such I
use 1Clipbaord


You gotta have at least the 3 major players;


Github & Gitlab

If you have Git, you need a place you can use git. These are two of the
free services folks use.

  • Github is the most known.
  • Gitlab has a ton of free features and allows
    free private repos.


This is a Github account bound thing that can do all sorts of stuff.
It's pretty useful, check it out here
Currently I use;


You need one of these accounts for a
Personal Developer Instance.