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Below I go over the videos, and the interactive site.

Official Documentation

There's 2 places that have this;

Foundations eLearning (videos)

There are 6 modules as part of the foundation course. You will get an
introduction and overview of how to interact with and navigate through
this Foundations course. It also covers on how to navigate using filters
and breadcrumbs and what you can see and do as a System Administrator.

Both of these end up on the same videos as listed in sub sections.

User Experience

Getting Started

User Interface

Process User and Manager Capabilities

System Configuration

Service Catalog

IT Service Management

Community and Chat

Need to talk to someone, the community has people on it all the time.
Also there's a few unofficial chat systems in use.

Get a Developer Instance

So you can get your own instance to mess around from This is
requirement for the Developer training courses.

Developer Training Courses (interactive)

Self-paced developer training modules are available with the ServiceNow
Developer program. They are step-by-step, guides on how parts of the
platform work.

Landing Page

This interactive course has things like;

YouTube Channels

Other Resources

Prepare for the certification

ServiceNow does offer classes for the certifications, I wrote about them
on /certifications. But in short I'd suggest studying
the appropriate blueprint;

Cert Description Blueprint
CIS-ITSM Cert. Impl. Specialist - ITSM Blueprint
CIS-SM Cert. Impl. Specialist - Service Mapping Blueprint
CIS-SAM Cert. Impl. Specialist - Software Asset Mgmt Blueprint
CIS-FM Cert. Impl. Specialist - Fin. Mgmt Blueprint
CIS-CSM Cert. Impl. Specialist - CSM, Field Service Mgmt Blueprint
CIS-HR Certified Implementation Specialist - Human Resources Blueprint
CIS-VR Vulnerability Response Blueprint
CAD Cert. Application Developer Blueprint
*PLATFORM Application Developer, Performance Analytics, Service Portal
*SEC-OPS Security Operations
*CIS-CLOUD Cert. Impl. Specialist - Cloud Mgmt
*CIS-ITOM Cert. Impl. Specialist - Discovery/Event
*CIS-PPM Cert. Impl. Specialist - Project Portfolio Mgmt
*SEC-GRC Governance Risk and C
*SEC-RM Risk Mgmt

* No Certification Documentation could be found, but it's listed as if
one exists on the Certification

Taking the certification

Update [July 1, 2018]: As of 7/1/2018, its stated you need to take the
class prior to testing for the certification. However, the webassesor
link still works and lists the classes for me.

ServiceNow uses onsite testing and at home testing. For the at home
testing you'll need a detached webcam.

At this time the cost is $150 per certification.

The CSA and CAD certification has a 90 minute time limit. The rest have
a 130 minute time limit.

Webassesor site to