How to do reminders in ServiceNow

This has come up often enough that it merits a post. Reminders of sorts can be set up a four ways in ServiceNow. This is the pros and cons of each.

There's a four ways I know of doing this;

Each of these have their pro's and con's, lets get into it.

Scheduled Report

Probably the easiest to set up as it requires a report, and a scheduled report.

A Report, and Scheduled ReportOccurs at the frequency it scheduled
No coding requiredLess configurable
No email template to set upEmail is set based on report sharing

SLA Notifications

No coding requiredOccurs at the frequency it scheduled
Specific to tasks

Scheduled Job

Requires Scheduled Job, Event, NotificationOccurs at the frequency it scheduled
Configurable due to codingRequires coding

Scheduled Events

Triggers when it's supposed toRequires Event, Notification, Business Rules, and possibly it's own event queue
ConfigurableRequires coding
Requires managing the scheduled events if the date/time changes

Scheduled Flow Trigger

Access be delegated using Scoped App and Flow Designer content filteringDelegates can reak havoc, shouldn't create them directly in prod.

Thansks @milligna!