Winning ServiceNow Hackathon Ideas

This year I'm fortunate enough to go to knowledge, and one of my favorite SN people, Robert Fedoruk, posted a YouTube video about winning hackathons.

In the spirit of sharing I'm adding a list I compiled after some searching to see what's won before as it wasn't aggregated anywhere I could see. I'd love to see these shared in an open way afterwards. If this makes the competition better, than that's great and my goal here. Below is that list.

Knowledge Things



WinnerKickITnow (video)A kind-of "corporate KickStarter" for incubating projects within an enterprise
FinalistTableNOWa restaurant reservation application that finds nearby restaurants and displays their locations, menus, and availability. And processes reservations, of course.
FinalistCasiNOWa blackjack gambling web site that lets users buy coins for play, interact with one another, read rules and FAQs, report issues, and submit questions.
FinalistPictionNOWa variant on the popular party game "Pictionary" that replaces that game's manual drawing tools with an electronic tablet. The pair used HTML5 to add a "canvas element" to the ServiceNow Content Management System (CMS), and wrote driver software to link the tablet with the ServiceNow platform.



WinnerSchoolHub (video)App to structure the interaction between teachers (give assignments and grades), faculty (biographies, tracking attendance), parents (check the grades, fill out all kinds of forms --- absence, dietary, holiday requests) and students (survey teachers, get assignments)
FinalistSociaLoopa Social Media Campaign Management application, enabling organizations to activate all employees around social media.
FinalistPassword VaultThe app generates a secured password and we use orchestration to make the change a reality. The credentials are encrypted and we use Access Control List (ACL) to make sure you see only the credentials that you are supposed to see in your role.
FinalistMudMonsters"We have 35 locations, 12 monsters, many items in there," Scott explained. "We use business rules to govern the behavior of all elements. The business rules trigger events based off of the text body in the commands. You win when you reach the final destination. If you loose, you go back to square one and you loose all items."
FinalistCableCarNowThe world famous cable cars of San Francisco are always full and the queues at the stops are way too long. "So the city needs a solution and it needs it fast."



WinnerFEMA Victim Assistance (cube talk video)ServiceNow Saving Lives. It will be something very special.
FinalistCinema food orderingApp that would allow movie audience to scan a QR code on their seat, complete and submit an order and have it delivered to their seat.
FinalistC'est Ne Paas (Robot)Nuclear Disaster as a Service - This application would enable disaster recovery teams to send a robot into a disaster area and have it execute a task.
FinalistSocial networking managementManaging posts to Twitter
FinalistOn-call schedulingNo Details



FinalistHappiness ServiceInnovationapp that brings together kids awaiting organ transplants and people who want to grant their wish and donate money.
FinalistLifeNowPlatformapp for employee health tracking with wearables, and gamification for challenges and points redemption for fitness products
FinalistCreate Doc Demo ProductBusinessapp that automates document creation and management directly in ServiceNow



GreenLightBusinessPresented a visualization of the carbon footprint of an enterprise. This functional visualization also allows users to actually manage and alter working elements and affect the energy consumption rates of the customer using it.
LUDI - Voice ControlledInnovationa voice integration application function into ServiceNow using the native voice recognition that ships as standard with the Google Chrome browser.
GiveNowSocial GoodEnables companies to connect their employees with opportunities to volunteer in their communities



CreatorCon Hackathon 2018 Winners Webinar

1Team VocalizeVideoInnovationSentiment analyses of support conversations. Based on quality of sentiment metrics, you can assign actions and tasks to prioritize follow up on conversations.
2Team AppoxioKSafeNowSocial GoodStudent Tracker
3Team ScrantonicityNeutreNowbusinessApp NeutreNow to incentive healthy behavior (scroll down for full review). Tracks calory intake and calories burnt

2019 Hackathon

1Team ScrantonicityReizen by Pathways @23:37?ServiceNow app that tracks travel expenses.
2Above the LineCardio @01:29?Taking advantage of the fact that Virtual Agent can be set up to be public facing, the runner-up team created an app that automates customer identification for the process of renting or checking out cars.
3SuperconnectorsExpand Contact Center Workforce @13:26Social GoodTo create more accessibility for the hearing impaired to work in call center environments, Superconnectors created an app that leverages Service Portal and a web browser’s speech API to convert a customer’s voice to text. It then converts the service agent’s typed reply back into synthesized speech.


1VolteoansClinical Care ManagementHealthcareThe Clinical Care Management (CCM) app provides an end-to-end digital clinical care system that helps healthcare teams gather patient medical histories.
FinalistSopra SteriaJetVetBankingJetVet helps streamlines due diligence processes in procurement. The goal is to prevent corruption and unethical practices in an organization’s supply chain.
FinalistWorld Class Wrakin’ CruKICK: Key Items Crisis KitManufacturingKICK helps organizations source personal protective equipment. The app manages supply to meet emergency demand during crises like COVID-19.
FinalistExtra Crispy Stimulus PackageZoom: Extra CrispyTelecomThis app helps make Zoom meetings more productive. Zoom Extra Crispy uses Predictive Intelligence, Performance Analytics and Integration Hub features in the Now Platform to intake all recordings from the Zoom cloud and create knowledge article transcripts.
FinalistNewRocketReachSocial GoodIn stressful conditions like the current pandemic, it can be very difficult to find reliable information and access critical resources locally. The Reach app uses personalization and the ServiceNow CSM app to create a dynamic personalized hub that offers access to local data and resources. Reach can be customized and used by cities of any size.
MentionedClick to WinAdVenture ManufaturistManufacturingAdVenture Manufacturist is a simulation application where a user can rapidly acquire different manufacturing assets to increase revenue while balancing the enhancement of existing assets.
MentionedThe Mighty HacksAnnexusSocial GoodThe vision is to build a social mobile experience that connects people across video & voice to create a virtual community based on their interests.
MentionedGreen DotCareNowHealthcareCareNow - is a Smarter way to standardise quality home care.B CareNow application aims to improve the quality of in-home care (using features like intelligent assignment, ability to raise care requests, monitoring integration, etc.), address isolation issues faced by care recipient and provide a performance monitoring system for Health care providers and regulatory body.
MentionedTeam ScrantonicityConnected CommunitySocial GoodThe Connected Community application serves two purposes: Connecting parties offering charitable goods or services with those who are accepting them and helping to coordinate public events related to charity and public well-being. This has value for not only the community, but also as positive PR for the businesses that host or partake in using the application.
MentionedCarnavEcoNowSocial GoodOrganizations want to show their support to promote social good in a consistent and continuous way. Empower your employees to launch and coordinate social good initiatives and promote this actions within the company to get support from other fellow employees to make actions for a better community and world.
MentionedBrahmasthraHealthcare Service Management (HSM)HealthcareOur solution helps in covering end to end hospital services. As an end user (Patient) all you must do is download an app and book appointments/pay bill/Know the medication details. Used all latest features like now mobile app, Agent Work space, Flow Designer, Virtual Agent, scoped application b Studio Development, Integration with Twilio.
MentionedZeTechno-SailorsMedicoNOW-Connect BetterHealthcare“MedicoNow app is built to provide better communication between healthcare specialists and patients. The app provides an end to end experience for patients and specialists to view/book appointments, connect via chat/VIDEO, join in social Q/A community. Works on both, large and on mobile devices.
MentionedThe Down UnderscoresResus RunnerHealthcareIn todays world, our hospital emergency wards are experiencing an unprecedented level of strain. In cases where patients need to be resuscitated, our emergency doctors and nurses face a high-stress and fast-moving environment where they need simple ways to track and document the actions they take in real-time - whether this is performing CPR, administering medication or taking notes and observations about a resuscitation event. As our hospitals are stretched and new staff brought on board to deal with the increased pressure caused by COVID-19, we need better ways to bring people up to speed with understanding the processes as quickly as possible. Historically many emergency wards have used pen and paper to document these resuscitation events, often needing to recreate the timeline of actions after the fact. Digitizing and simplifying these processes can help our Medical workers to focus more on caring for their patients, and less on maintaining paperwork.


A mobile-friendly platform to attend virtual classes. A better way to stream interactive online events. A system that allows office employees to order and receive supplies from drones. These are among the best ideas to emerge from the Knowledge 2021 CreatorCon Hackathon, held May 8-9.
The hackathon serves as a forum for coders to design and display innovative apps on the Now Platform that can solve real business problems.
This year, more than 100 teams competed in the hackathon. ServiceNow judges for the event—including a vice president of platform product management, senior product managers, staff engineers, and developer advocates—selected four finalists and the Grand Prize winner, as well as five targeted award winners. The Grand Prize-winning team received Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets and Bose Bluetooth headphones.

WinnerHakuna MatataVirtual UniversityBest Mobile Experience appThe app creates a single, easy-to-use platform for students, teachers, and administrators to manage their workloads and interactions
FinalistDev Without HatsObsequioBest Now Experience appThis app creates a scalable, cloud-based system for desktop and mobile devices that allows users to report risk, safety, and compliance issues.
FinalistPhilGoesDeepOBS Overlays with AESBest app started from AESOBS Overlays with App Engine Studio
FinalistArnav SoloSentinmentNowUsing machine learning, this app helps companies monitor consumer interactions in real time and spot patterns that result in unhappy customers, such as lack of knowledge about a particular product or agent behavior that escalates disputes.
FinalistTeam ScrantonicityRAIDMost compelling IntegrationHub spokeRAID (Request Automated In-office Delivery). With this app, workers can use the Amazon Alexa voice assistant to order office supplies or personal protective equipment such as masks and have a drone deliver those items right to their desk.
FinalistServiceNow's Gaming DivisionVirtua AgentBest use of Now IntelligenceThis app transformed the chatbot into a type of digital game show host that can enable messages from one user to another, moderate Q&As, and assign roles to users that dynamically change.
MentionedAlpha MonkstersBack2SchoolWhat if we tell you that your day-to-day role as a student/teacher/parent would become much easier to manage by just a few configuration adjustments via cloud-based platform utilizing Mobile UI/Web Page UI as well a Chat UI? Furthermore, imagine leveraging this for universities with affiliated colleges through platform domain separation? Why stop there? Perhaps make it available for trainings in Corporate Industry?
MentionedVolteoansShipmentNowShipmentNow is a digital shipping management solution built on ServiceNow to make your enterprise shipment booking, tendering, tracking easier and efficient with simple configuration and automation.
MentionedLes 3 FrC(resSPORTalSPORTal brings people together: Be Healthy, Be Social Pick your sport & participate in the events that suit you best.
MentionedAECONLMS NowThis application will bridge the gap between HRs and employees by digitizing the leave tracker system - Will reduce management efforts. increase team productivity - Integrable application will ensure greater visibility towards organization KPIs, better project planning by the Project management department Cost management by payroll and invoicing departments wrt billable hours and non-billable hours IT department can take this as a feeder into the on-call scheduler and critical/priority task assignments
MentionedKMD - TalentLabExtended User Profile“Extended User Profile is a response to the lack of interaction at the workplace due to the worldwide shift to remote work. As colleagues hide behind their computer screens, they do not form close bonds with one another, which can lead to decreased motivation, worse results and low overall incentive. The introduction of Extended User Profile - highly customizable, interactive user profiles - can be a starting point towards better employee interactions, increased workplace visibility and company-wide initiatives. As a result, employees get to express themselves freely and proactively reach out to other colleagues that share their backgrounds and interests. Other functions include social media integration, visual effects, nicknames, and more.
MentionedCG SquadEducator 3000Educator 3000 brings the power of the Now Platform to solving the issue of education during COVID-19. Students, Teachers, classes, courses, school work, and grades can now be managed and automated using the Now Platform giving the students and teacher the space to focus on what really matters.
MentionedAuranxWantedAppWantedApp makes the recruitement process easier by making all the different steps accessible from one toom (technical tests, HR meetings, etc.)
MentionedWampa SNOW BeastsLevelUp!What is the purpose of the product for the business? Yes probably to make $ but speak to monetization, pricing strategy(s). Some products are about driving customer counts, some are competition blockers.
MentionedNuvoloServiceNow Voice“We are building a Smart Vernacular Video/Audio Conference Platform using ServiceNow Agents and UI form builder & Mobile Platform. It enable users too have conversation in any respective language & translate all Audio & text conversation on the fly. This will help users to have cross border support without worrying about language as a barrier. For the current business use case we will be implementing this solution to the health care domain, where information and knowledge can be shared across borders in real time. Doctors and Researchers can create their ServiceNow pages using UI builder, then they will be able to schedule a web conference call, where ServiceNow Agents api can help them to translate their voice on the fly.”