Winning Hackathon Ideas (K13-K18)

This year I'm fortunate enough to go to knowledge, and one of my favorite SN people, Robert Fedoruk, posted a YouTube video about winning hackathons.

In the spirit of sharing I'm adding a list I compiled after some searching to see what's won previously as it wasn't aggregated anywhere I could see. I'd love to see these shared in an open way after wards but if this just make the competition better, than that's great and my goal here. Below is that list.

Knowledge Things



  • TableNOW - Finalist - a restaurant reservation application that finds nearby restaurants and displays their locations, menus, and availability. And processes reservations, of course.
  • CasiNOW - Finalist - a blackjack gambling web site that lets users buy coins for play, interact with one another, read rules and FAQs, report issues, and submit questions.
  • PictionNOW - Finalist - a variant on the popular party game "Pictionary" that replaces that game's manual drawing tools with an electronic tablet. The pair used HTML5 to add a "canvas element" to the ServiceNow Content Management System (CMS), and wrote driver software to link the tablet with the ServiceNow platform.
  • KickITnow (video) - Winner - a kind-of "corporate KickStarter" for incubating projects within an enterprise



  • SchoolHub (video) - Winner - App to structure the interaction between teachers (give assignments and grades), faculty (biographies, tracking attendance), parents (check the grades, fill out all kinds of forms --- absence, dietary, holiday requests) and students (survey teachers, get assignments)
  • SociaLoop - Finalist - a Social Media Campaign Management application, enabling organizations to activate all employees around social media.
  • Password Vault - Finalist - The app generates a secured password and we use orchestration to make the change a reality. The credentials are encrypted and we use Access Control List (ACL) to make sure you see only the credentials that you are supposed to see in your role.
  • MudMonsters - Finalist - "We have 35 locations, 12 monsters, many items in there," Scott explained. "We use business rules to govern the behavior of all elements. The business rules trigger events based off of the text body in the commands. You win when you reach the final destination. If you loose, you go back to square one and you loose all items."
  • CableCarNow - Finalist - The world famous cable cars of San Francisco are always full and the queues at the stops are way too long. "So the city needs a solution and it needs it fast."



  • FEMA Victim Assistance (cube talk video) - First - ServiceNow Saving Lives. It will be something very special.
  • Cinema food ordering - Finalist - app that would allow movie audience to scan a QR code on their seat, complete and submit an order and have it delivered to their seat.
  • C'est Ne Paas (Robot) - Nuclear Disaster as a Service - This application would enable disaster recovery teams to send a robot into a disaster area and have it execute a task.
  • Social networking management - Managing posts to Twitter
  • On-call scheduling - Finalist - No Details



  • Happiness Service | innovation - app that brings together kids awaiting organ transplants and people who want to grant their wish and donate money.
  • LifeNow
    • platform - app for employee health tracking with wearables, and gamification for challenges and points redemption for fitness products
  • Create Doc Demo Product- business - app that automates document creation and management directly in ServiceNow



  • GreenLight
    • business - Presented a visualization of the carbon footprint of an enterprise. This functional visualization also allows users to actually manage and alter working elements and affect the energy consumption rates of the customer using it.
  • LUDI - Voice Controlled - innovation - a voice integration application function into ServiceNow using the native voice recognition that ships as standard with the Google Chrome browser.
  • GiveNow - (social good) - Enables companies to connect their employees with opportunities to volunteer in their communities



  • KSafeNow - Student Tracker - social good - ...
  • NeutreNow - business - App NeutreNow to incentive healthy behavior (scroll down for full review). Tracks calory intake and calories burnt
  • Team Vocalize Video- innovation - Sentiment analyses of support conversations. Based on quality of sentiment metrics, you can assign actions and tasks to prioritize follow up on conversations.