I was very lucky to get to go to Knowledge19. Now that it's over, before
I leave I want to jot down my thoughts. Of the labs, I attended I had no
technical difficulty with the WIFI or content. Others did, but somehow
not me.

Below I'll go over the parts I think notable.

Last year I went over the things to keep in mind, but here's a link to
the k18 post for a refresher.

This year was different in that I was a speaker about the Meetups I help
run. You can see the ones local to you

I got a lot out of this so I'll get the boring bits out of the way;


Looks like they used g2planet.com again and this year it was better than
last. This I thought was okay, but it could be improved. It also didn't
help that the schedule kept changing after I had been signed up for

Mobile App

This years app was much better. It could have been better but it worked
for its purpose.

Social Stuff

This was great. I had been invited out to two nights out and met a ton
of people. See
Twitter for
more details. Drai's party was pretty great. A bit loud, but that's
expected being a night club and all.

Things learned from networking

  • WeWork bought meetup.com and does free hosting for paid meetups
  • ServiceNow is upping Flow Designer free transactions to 1 Million
  • No one is happy with the new licensing model with Madrid
  • I found 14 unused #know19 passes this year. Next year I'm going to
    try to do something with that.
  • The hackathon is a great place to learn a new feature but it's not a
    hackathon. They expect you to have the app prebuilt before you get


CCW1630 Extension points: How to get other developers to improve your app

@pheedbaq is the man behind this lab. It was really well done. He had us
update a bike borrowing application. I don't think I can properly
explain this but, in short this is what I think it is. A better way to
let others replace code in a scope.


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CCB1089 Making the most of the ServiceNow MID Server

This was amazing and performed by Mark Scott. I'm not sure how much he
practiced it, but he came off like a pro. This talk checked all the
boxes in my opinion.

It was Entertaining, Educational, and Actionable. Not to mention he used
R to determine if a photo is a hotdog or not a hotdog just like they did
in Silicon Valley on HBO.

In my opinion this was the best session I went to. (If you all have a
recording of this on YouTube let me know and I'll add a link.)

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CCB1419 ServiceNow Developer Meetup and community Building

This was a really open discussion between Andrew Barnes,
Lily Li,
Todd Volpe,
Melhem El-Achkar,
and Fernando Luiz Goulart.

It was great. We all introduced ourselves and talked about the struggles
and the best way to do things in the meetup. I had been due to talk on
the 1st floor 1/2 way through this talk. One of the attendees followed
me down and I met her after my talk. She's from Mexico and wants to have
one in her area. I hope it starts up. I'd love to go and see it happen.

BRE1340 - A city in the cloud: How Minneapolis is driving digital transformation on the Now Platform

I lived in Minneapolis and know the speaker and some of the developers
who did a lot of the work featured in this talk.

I just have this to say about the talk. Gina F. did a great job! I loved
the slide where you could here her passion for the city.

Also all the business problems they solved were amazing.

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CCDT0335 - Influence and learn by running a local developer Meetup

I had practiced this talk a few times and was fortunate enough to have a
lot of support in the audience. Thanks;

Lida, Jarod M, Anna Baker, Casey, Kevin Karyadi, Will Weaver, Stephen
Phayre., and Andrew Colson

I ran too fast but there were plenty of time for questions and there
were a number of great questions.

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CCW1547 -- Full-stack adventures in ServiceNow-land: part one

This lab was a large lab. A lot of content to make your way through.
However it is a lab where you make end to end peer review application.


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CCB0433 Under the hood of Flow Designer and IntegrationHub with the engine developers

I've been a big advocate that instead of flow designer ServiceNow should
have improved the workflow engine. With that being said that isn't

  • Don't use gs sleep
  • Don't do looping delay anti patterns
  • Understand that flows aren't versioned like workflows

Labs I need to check out yet

CCDT1827 Advanced GlideRecord Techniques

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LAB1413 Quickly implement an awesome walk-up service channel for improved employee experience


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LAB1542 Probe to pattern migration


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