Licensing... Again (Mid 2019)

So I decided to take a look at the new licensing. Here's my notes;

Why platform licensing is changing

Create Custom tables and extend functionality.

Current Licensing

  • Today customers can build any custom table in the "same business purpose"
  • Unlimited custom tables can be created for the purpose of configuring and customizing the owned products.

Issues with this are; - Identifying what is "an app" and if it was "within the same business purpose" is time consuming and difficult.

  • The definitions of "an app" and "business purpose" are subjective.

New Licensing

  • Per User model with one simple, transparent, and objective meter for the extensibility of the platform -- custom tables
  • While ensuring we do no harm to our products and continue to enable configuration and customization freedom.
  • This no longer uses business purpose or application definitions.

Whats included in the new licensing

Bundled Subscription Entitlements

New Subscription Package Custom Tables Custom Fields Mobile Studio Performance Analytics Virtual Agent Agent Intelligence
ITSM Standard 25 X 50
ITSM Pro 50 X 50 X X X
CSM Standard 25 X 50
CSM Pro 50 X 50 X X X
HR 5 X 50
SecOps, GRC 5 X 50
DevOps 5 X 50

User Licenses

Product Bundles Type Licensed By
ITSM * User Named (ITSM) Fulfillers
ITSM * User Named (ITSM) Approvers
ITSM * User Named (ITSM) Requesters
HR * User HR Users
ITAM Unrestricted User Model ?
ITBM ? ?
ITOM Unrestricted User Model ?
SecOps Unrestricted User Model ?
GRC ? ?
DevOps ? ?

Personas Concepts


  • ITSM Fulfiller has access to all the 50 custom tables to create, read, update, and delete any records.
  • ITSM Requester has access to all 50 custom tables to create, read, update, and delete their records only.

Example License use

ITSM PRO Marketing Apps Executive Apps
Custom Table 50 25 75
User Role Executive User
User Role Marketing User Marketing User
User Role ITSM Fulfiller ITSM Requester ITSM Requester
Subscription Required ITSM Pro - Fulfiller App Engine - Standard App Engine - Pro
Subscription Required ITSM Pro - Fulfiller ITSM Pro - Requester ITSM Pro - Requester
Entitlements Used 50 * ITSM + M PA VA AI 50 * ITSM + M PA VA AI 50 * ITSM + M PA VA AI
Entitlements Used 25 * Marketing + M 25 * Marketing + M
Entitlements Used 75 * Executive + M PA VA AI
Available 25 Tables + M 100 Tables + M PA VA AI

Definitions / Other Details

Unrestricted User Model: This means that all users, as long as their registered users in the user table on the platform get full access to the custom tables linked to these product bundles

If Table limit is reached, additional table will fall under the "Now Platform App Engine" subscription

Each custom table under the bundle can have up to 50 custom fields (inherited custom fields do count )

Now Platform App Engine

User Package Custom Tables Custom Fields Mobile Studio Performance Analytics Virtual Agent Agent Intelligence
Starter* 5 25 X
Standard 50 50 X
Professional 200 50 X X X X
Enterprise 4000 100 X X X X
  • Platform User's are not differentiated like ITSM's fulfillers, approvers, requesters.
  • Platform User's consume a entitlement if you have access to a custom table. By Access, we mean, "Create Read Update rights".
    • The following User Actions on a custom table request a subscription
    • Read/View: Look at the custom table or a record in a custom table directly
    • Create/Insert: Create a new record in the custom table, directly or indirectly
    • Update: Update a record in a custom table
    • Delete: Delete a record in a custom table
  • If a person has a Starter Subscription, they can access up to a max of 5 custom tables
  • The 5 tables can be different on a user-by-user basis. E.g. If is in Marketing and Bill is in HR. They may access 5 different tables and still be valid Starter Users
  • If the table has Agent Intelligence, Virtual Agent, or Performance Analytics, the user must have the Professional, or Enterprise entitlement.
  • For the starter package, you need to get one for every active registered user that doesn't have one of the other subscription packages.


Types of Custom tables;

Type Access
Bundled As part of a Product Bundle
App Engine As part of a App Engine Subscription per User
Exempt No subscription

Exempt Tables

These tables have been selected because the extension of these tables is common practice for setting up the core of the platform.

Extending these tables enables you to add them to your scoped application.

Foundational Data
  • cmdb_*
  • cmn_location
  • kb_knowledge
  • sys_import_set_row
  • sys_transform_script
  • sys_transform_map
  • sys_auth_profile
  • scheduled_data_import
  • sys_hub_action_type_base
  • sys_report_import_table_parent
System Configruation
  • sys_dictionary
  • sys_choice
  • syslog
  • sys_user_preference
  • sys_filter
  • sys_portal_page
Process Automation
  • sysauto
  • dl_definition
  • dl_matcher
  • sf_state_flow
  • sc_cat_item_delivery_task

Development Implications

Applications are either Paid or Free

Paid Apps Free Apps
Custom tables are covered in the Application Price. Custom tables are not covered in the Application Price.
Tables that are extended from the original store app tables require a subscription App Store will list the number of tables in the app.
Custom tables that are supporting Integrations are excluded.

Development Considerations

  1. Actively manage and monitor table usage & assignments
  2. Make use of the Exempt tables
  3. Carefully consider the access roles for a new table
  4. Be aware of how many tables are available within a bundle
  5. Extensions of core tables are counted (e.g. extending incident)
  6. AI on a custom table requires a Pro or higher subscription
  7. Leave enough room for future development needs
  8. Be aware of the custom field limits for a table

New York Pricing

I came across a shared pdf file on Slack.

Further Reading