OK Orlando - A series of features worth note

In Orlando there's a bunch of Automated Test Framework(ATF) updates.

Lets go over them and see what we think;

Copy an automated test suite

In the past copying a test suite kept the past scope.
Lets see how good this works.

  • If a suite spans multiple scopes, copying scopes doesn't copy anything out of the current scope.
  • Copying a test suite isn't available unless you're in the suite's scope.

Custom UI test steps - misleading

So in the new section there's a "Custom UI test steps" but it goes on to say;

Test workspaces using the Form category test steps. The Custom UI category steps don't support available workspace.

So it's just a heads up, to test workspaces goto the form category, not custom ui.

  • Validate related list visibility - tested
  • Apply filter to list - tested
  • Validate record present in list - tested - no way to validate list is empty or test that
  • Validate ui actions in lists
  • Open a record in list


  • Validate outbound email
  • Generate inbound reply email


  • Generate Random String - only input is how long to make the input...