State of Ideas

The Idea portal is great in that we can share these ... what were enhancements on HI with eachother. However, it still feels like a black box of not happening. Most ideas aren't actioned on and the ones that are, are confusing. Here's a list of ones I've been tracking. There is no way to comment on a idea once closed so no way to add context or respond. This is frustrating when it's closed without handling the specifics the original question or ask.

At 417 upvotes, and submitted 10 months ago by me. Now in "Under Review", Create a public ROADMAP of features/plugins for upcoming releases. This is still outstanding. According to the Idea Portal page, things in this state should be dispositioned in 6 weeks.

At 285 upvotes, and submitted 10 months ago by Matt Warwick. Sometime in June, it was closed with "Unlikely to implement", "Improve WYSIWYG HTML Editor/TinyMCE". This is long overdue. Paris release notes have some TinyMCE enhancements but also the comment says, "This feature has been added in the Paris release.". Which is it? I asked on Twitter. It's still unclear.

At 184 upvotes, and submitted 10 months ago by Alexander. On 2020-08-18 it was changed to "In Consideration", "
Copy / Paste images and attachments from clipboard". This idea is not new. I am actually suprised it's not already done yet. The change is not large to do it. I've two posts for implementing it but we shouldn't have to do this. It should be standard.

At 80 upvotes, and submitted 9 months ago by Drew. On 2020-08-12 it wsa changed to "Unlikely to implement", "Document all of the ServicePortal directives...". This is truely unfortunate. As developers knowing what we have access to use is critical. When we have to interrogate directives that are there, but just not documented means we have to explore. Yansa has made one of their products a well made, maintainted and documented set of components for service portal their deal. We should have that kind of experience with all directives in Service Portal. Not just the ones ServiceNow deems are important. I'm unsuprised by this as it's my opinion that Service Portal will see less and less updates as the Seismic framework gets more time.

At 40 upvotes, and submitted 11 months ago by Hatmaker. Now "In Consideration", "Make the HealthScan (ACEReport) available to customer within the tool". This was listed as a feature for a hot minute with either Madrid or Orlando but was pulled from the PTR notes. I'm not sure why but if the feature was nearly ready with one of theose two releases this should have been a fast one to get out. I'm glad its in consideration, but I wish it were here now.

At 39 upvotes, and submitted 10 months ago by Marco. Sometime in June, it was closed with "Unlikely to implement", "Pre- & Post-script for update set". This is available with plugins you can see it in the messages when installing something. We should have the same tools that available to plugins authors. As an administrator of ServiceNow, it's OFTEN I have to write a piece of code to fix data as part of a release for an update set. This is unfortunate ServiceNow wont give us the tools we are asking for.

At 38 upvotes, and submitted 10 months ago by Blake. Sometime in June, it was closed with "Unlikely to implement", "Allow Multi-Row Variable Sets to be 'Global'". This is also terribly sad. As folks want to use Multi-Row Variable Sets, this is just another reason not to. What does this actually mean? Well in Workflow, to show variables on catalog tasks, you must checkout the workflow and add each variable on to each task manually, or... set the variable to Global. This is a convience method that worked for all things up until Multi-Row Variable Sets. The fact it's now caveated makes them worse. Also the answer here doesn't even address the problem described which is the use of Multi-Row Variable sets on Workflow.

At 6 upvotes, and submitted 5 months ago by Ian Mildon. Sometime in June, it was changed to "In Consideration", "Add Business Calendars (Fiscal Calendars) to reporting tools". This should not need to be asked for. Anything you can do on a list filter, you should be able to do on a standard report. Anything you can do on a report, you should be able to do on list. I was going to leave that alone but I went ahead and made the idea for that.

At 1 upvote, and submitted moments ago by me. Lists filters and Report Filters should have feature parity.