Technow Quebec Review

The team presenting this noted that slides had a price tag indicating if something was effectively platform, or "extra". I'll denote this in the title with a 💲 emoji.

This aired on Jan. 26th, and will be available in video sometime in March.

UI Builder

  • Lots of things in here, but just check the LCHH video

Data Classification

  • Categorize fields as PII, internal, restricted, confidential
  • Quickly report on field categorization for regulatory compliance
  • Manage fields via REST and script APIs

Now Platform foundation enhancements

  • Office 365 integration
  • Embedded Help Panel
  • User onboarding walkthroughs
  • Via the acquisition from Attivio.
  • This is everywhere. Service portal, workspaces, mobile, etc.

Process Optimization 💲

  • This shows a kind of diagram of how work is actually done in the platform.
  • Part of ITSM Enterprise and CSM Enterprise packages.

Virtual Agent enhancements 💲

  • Guided set up with topic recommendations
  • Advanced authoring tools
  • Automatically resolve incidents, actionable notifications, and password reset

NLU Workbench

  • This replaces the "Model Builder".
  • Support for 13 more languages (now at 16 total).
  • Ability to add vocabulary sources to be referenced by models

Regression Framework 💲

Uses machine learning to estimate a value.
If we have 100 things done what will the time be for the 101st item.

Any prof or ent. package as part of artifical intelligence

Natural Language Query NLQ 💲

NLQ is officialy released with Quebec.
This is nice as you can ask servicenow is common language for things.

E.g. How many P1's were logged last month? Should build a report showing incident.priority=1^sys_created_on=LastMonth

Performance Analytics enhancements 💲

  • PA Capabilities now availabe on workspaces
  • PA now supports flexible calendars (e.g. fiscal not matching standard calendar)

Reporting enhancements

  • Quick calculations on specific fields
  • Tailor reporting to highlight what's important
  • Design dynamic reports with response to questions stored on the catalog

Mobile Experience enhancements

(Jace's note what app does this apply to? You all have 4!)

  • Added AI Search
  • Added Deeplink capability to apps
  • Cards now can have actionable buttons

Mobile Agent enhancements

  • Saved Views, favorite mobile screens for quicker access
  • Field Service surveys online and offline
  • Native Knowledge KB articles

Mobile Developer Tool Enhancements

  • Mobile Card builder. You can make your own cards now instead of using the pre-made designs
  • UI Rules, Apply field value calculations and UI Styling to UI elements
  • Impersonate Users

App Engine Studio (AES) 💲 (Store release)

Not really gone into, will be topic in March TechNow.

Not available in PDI's yet.

IntegrationHub enhancements 💲

  • "Simplify inbound integrations with REST API trigger"
  • Remote Process Sync allows for better ebonding (by-directional) integrations
  • Perform data mapping with modern UX for codeless ETL
  • Retireve date easily with JDBC data stream
  • Send one or more files to your instance over SFTP
  • Choose specific MID server for your integration

Flow Designer enhancements

  • UX improvements to help citizen developers
  • Record Producers can now be submitted via Flow designer with variables
  • Flow level variables now exist (akin to workflow scratchpad)

Email enhancements

  • Parse email replies with per domain sepeators that also support regex
  • Notification common content (available to notification, and other communication channels e.g. slack, va)

App Studio enhancements

  • Some store apps can be customized (depends on app author's settings in app)
  • Some ServiceNow apps can also be customized (depends same as above)

Dev @ Scale

  • APIs to install modify and rollback your changes

Script Tracer

  • Server side script debugging improvments

Instance Scan

  • Scan your instance for problems with code/configuration
  • Been in the works since 2012
  • Allows for custom checks to be added