Technow Quebec Review

Technow Quebec Review

The team presenting this noted that slides had a price tag indicating if something was effectively platform, or "extra". I'll denote this in the title with a πŸ’² emoji.

This aired on Jan. 26th, and will be available in video sometime in March.

UI Builder

Data Classification

Now Platform foundation enhancements

AI Search

Process Optimization πŸ’²

Virtual Agent enhancements πŸ’²

NLU Workbench

Regression Framework πŸ’²

Uses machine learning to estimate a value. e.g.
If we have 100 things done what will the time be for the 101st item.

Any prof or ent. package as part of artificial intelligence

Natural Language Query NLQ πŸ’²

NLQ is officially released with Quebec.
This is nice as you can ask ServiceNow is common language for things.

E.g. How many P1's were logged last month? Should build a report showing incident.priority=1^sys_created_on=LastMonth

Performance Analytics enhancements πŸ’²

Reporting enhancements

Mobile Experience enhancements

(Jace's note what app does this apply to? You all have 4!)

Mobile Agent enhancements

Mobile Developer Tool Enhancements

App Engine Studio (AES) πŸ’² (Store release)

Not really gone into, will be topic in March TechNow.

Not available in PDI's yet.

IntegrationHub enhancements πŸ’²

Flow Designer enhancements

Email enhancements

App Studio enhancements

Dev @ Scale

Script Tracer

Instance Scan