Logtail a node in Servicenow

Have you ever wanted to look at your logs, like all your logs but didn’t want to have to search the syslog table, or need to watch the node log but don’t want to search it. A way has been found.

Point your browser to /channel.do?sysparm_channel=logtail

What does this load?


So this was recently posted on servicenowgems.com but I have to cover it too.

I was wondering how this worked. This is a logtail for the logs in servicenow in the system on the UI page channel.do?sysparm_channel=logtail.

This is called via the UI page channel.do which make a GlideAjax request to ChannelAjax. I tried to find all the things that make this work, and I was able to create a new channel, but I was unable to direct any logs to it. Below are all the exposed files I could find that made this work. This points to channel_stream.do and threads.do which are both blackboxed.

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