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Ready to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone? Here's How

Taking the plunge and stepping out of your comfort zone is a great way to expand your skills, open yourself to new ideas, and become more confident and motivated. This blog post explores 6 reasons to take the plunge and 7 ways to get out of your comfort zone. It also shares lessons learned from organizing meetups, making videos, and blogging to help you on your journey. Take the plunge and break out of your comfort zone - share your experiences and tag me!

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Understanding AI and ML: From ServiceNow to OpenAI

Let me take you on my journey to understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). From my first introduction to ServiceNow's offering, to understanding the concept of assigning weights to recognize images, to learning about OpenAI's offerings, I document my steps in understanding AI and ML. I then document my journey to developing an AI-powered Chrome extension, Scribe.Monster. Stay for the end where I share my thoughts on what's next.

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