Quick Guide: Jakarta

Here's my take of what's new with Jakarta

Here's my take of what's new with Jakarta

  • In the left hand search field, table.config has been added.
  • In journaled fields, now videos are added like image files in the activity formatters.
  • Export to JSON is new and neat.
  • Global search is different
Section Link
UI changes https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=506
Mobile https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=793
Security Auth https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=848
Securit Role mgmt https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=918
Service portal https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=995
Global search https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=1162
Interfaces https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=1343
Guided tour designer https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=1529
Notifications https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=1940
Orchestatrion https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=2469
Update sets https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=2582
Upgrades https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=2795
ATF https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=2936
Workflow https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=3055
Edge Encryption https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=3339
Summary https://youtu.be/D_R6j4xmfiE?t=3420

Batched Update Sets

This is HUGE. Save time by batching update sets in the same scope. Bring up from dev, and apply the batch instead of applying each update set in order, one at a time.

Release Notes

Service Portal enhancements

Release Notes

User Criteria

Prior to Jakarta you could lock portals, pages, widgets, and widget instances with a role and not User Criteria. Now you can.

Lists widget have filter builder

Use the platform UI condition builder in the Data table from URL definition widget to create more complex table searches. The condition builder is disabled by default. Administrators can enable using the widget instance options for the Data table from URL definition widget.

Contextual Search sources are not contextual

Narrow search results to specific sources by configuring the contextual search sources in the instance options of a search widget.

A11y work "WCAG level AA"

Improvements to accessibility were made throughout the platform in congruence with WCAG 2.0 A standards. Improvements made specifically to Service Portal are listed here.

  • High contrast theme: Changes the Service Portal ESM to be more accessible for users who have a hard time seeing low contrast colors.
  • Screen reader title: Use the Edit Container background option in the context menu for to add a title that screen readers read aloud.

Release Notes

Embedded Help

ServiceNow® Embedded Help is a new application in the Jakarta release. It includes the guided tour feature.

Embedded help and guided tours have been in the instance since the Helsinki release. In the Jakarta release, administrators can use the new Embedded Help application to create customized embedded help and develop guided tours.

Release Notes


ServiceNow® Communities is a new application in the Jakarta release.

Communities provides a place for you to engage and interact with your organization in various ways, including:

  • help quickly solve issues
  • learn about best practices from others
  • engage with your organization for product feedback

Use Communities to:

  • improve support call deflection because users help themselves via crowd-sourced knowledge
  • communicate product updates
  • increase engagement with existing customers and lure prospects

Release Notes