Quick Guide: Kingston

Here's my take of what's new with Kingston

Here's my take of what's new with Kingston

Section Link
Flow Designer & IntegrationHub https://youtu.be/GtAFuOgnfU8?t=594
Function Fields https://youtu.be/av8Azb6nOqE?t=925
Agent Intelligence https://youtu.be/av8Azb6nOqE?t=1292
Email Digests https://youtu.be/av8Azb6nOqE?t=1442
Service Portal announcements https://youtu.be/av8Azb6nOqE?t=1996
Service Portal order guide widget https://youtu.be/av8Azb6nOqE?t=2212
Service Portal dynamic page titles https://youtu.be/av8Azb6nOqE?t=2909

Flow Designer & IntegrationHub

ServiceNow® Flow Designer is a new Now Platform feature in the Kingston release.

Enable process owners to use natural language to automate approvals, tasks, notifications, and record operations without having to code. Use a single design environment to author flows and actions and manage flow executions.

Lower the barrier for automation and accelerate development by creating an ecosystem of reusable content available to any flow. Reduce upgrade times and technical debt by replacing customized business logic with native Now Platform actions.

Release Notes

Agent Intelligence

ServiceNow® Agent Intelligence is a new Now Platform feature in the Kingston release.

Use machine-learning algorithms to set field values during record creation such as setting the incident category based on the short description. Train predictive models to act as an agent to categorize and route work based on your past record-handling experience.

Release Notes

Function Fields

ServiceNow® Function fields are a new Now Platform feature in the Kingston release.

All supported relational database management systems (RDBMS) provide a common set of built-in functions that can be used in SQL statements: string, mathematical, and so on. Function fields and function scripts let application developers and administrators use those functions in the platform in an integrated and familiar way without requiring any knowledge of SQL or RDBMS specifics.

Release Notes

Email Digests

Enable an email digest, a single email that summarizes the activity for a notification during a digest (time) interval that you specify. By enabling an email digest for a selected notification, you can reduce the number of emails received when associated records are frequently updated during a short time period. Admins create the email digest format for a notification and control the digest intervals that users can choose when enabling a digest in their notification preferences.

Release Notes

Service Portal

ServiceNow® Service Portal product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

Service Portal is a portal framework that helps you build a mobile-friendly self-service experience.

Release Notes

Order Guide Widget

Finally the order guides are available and decent with Service portal.


Font Awesome upgraded to 4.7

The Font Awesome library has been upgraded to version 4.7 and includes new icon names and syntax changes. If your Service Portal implementation includes custom use of the Font Awesome library, you may need to update icon names in your custom widgets.


Use announcements to broadcast messages to Service Portal users. Announcements can be displayed in an announcement banner or an announcement widget instance.

Announcements are active on new instances. To activate announcements after upgrade, activate the Service Portal Announcements (com.glide.service-portal.announcements) plugin.