This is just a list of things I think the ATF Tests should include.

I think every test should have the following steps;

  • Create users to use to for test (Server>Insert Record on sys_user)
  • Create role(s) for the newly created user, as you may not always
    know a good user to test as.(Server>Insert Record on
  • Impersonate the user(Server>Impersonate)
  • Use Server>Record Validation to test most field values
  • Use Form validation for User Experience testing.

Tests should also follow these as well

  • Track Tests in update set with the code
  • Group Tests by tag.  Tag for Application, Testing Schedule, and
  • Tests should be small units to test and not dependent on eachother.
  • Tests should be part of the estimate of work when sizing work.
  • Tests should run on a schedule.

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