With all the announcements that ServiceNow is ending their Wiki, it makes
me a little sad. I had once contributed to the pages before it locked
down. With that being said, I learned a lot from the wiki. It was
probably the second best resource next to the old joomla forum. With
times of change, things go away though.

Many nights at my help desk job I remember visiting the Recent Changes to
see new features that were made before they could get locked down. I
found so many things a little earlier than I should have because of

To get ready for this post I took a trip down memory lane and looked at
the wayback machine.

ServiceNow Wiki, you will be missed.

Take a look into the past

Wiki ~2006

Wiki 2006

wiki.service-now.com circa

Wiki ~2012

Wiki 2012

wiki.servicenow.com circa

Wiki ~2017

Wiki 2017

wiki.serivcenow.com circa