Certifications SN Offers

After hearing about how certifications are changing I read up on it some. I found the site confusing, so I made this post to put the useful thoughts together.


As of 7/1/2018 you're need to take a class to register for the exams according to this pdf Old version SN FAQ.

I was looking for a list of the certifications SN offers. As of today this is all I can find. Here's my sources;

CSACertified System AdministratorCSA BlueprintCSA
CIS-ITSMCertified Implementation Specialist - IT Service ManagementCIS ITSM BlueprintITSM
CIS-SMCertified Implementation Specialist - Service MappingCIS SM BlueprintSM
CIS-SAMCertified Implementation Specialist - Software Asset ManagementCIS SAM BlueprintSAM
CIS-FMCertified Implementation Specialist - Finacial ManagementCIS FM Blueprint
CIS-CSMCertified Implementation Specialist - Customer Service ManagementCIS CSM BlueprintCSM
CIS-HRCertified Implementation Specialist - Human ResourcesCIS HR BlueprintHR
CIS-VRCertified Implementation Specialist - Vulnerability ResponseCIS VR BlueprintVR
CIS-APMCertified Implementation Specialist - Application Portfolio MgmtCIS APM BlueprintAPM
CIS-CMCertified Implementation Specialist - Cloud ManagementCIS CM BlueprintCM
CIS-DCertified Implementation Specialist - DiscoveryCIS Discovery BlueprintDiscovery
CIS-EMCertified Implementation Specialist - Event ManagementCIS Event Management BlueprintEM
CIS-FSMCertified Implementation Specialist - Field Service ManagementCIS FSM BlueprintFSM
CIS-PPMCertified Implementation Specialist - Project Portfolio ManagementCIS PPM BlueprintPPM
CIS-RCICertified Implementation Specialist - Risk and ComplianceCIS RCI BlueprintRCI
CIS-SIRCertified Implementation Specialist - Security Incident ResponseCIS SIR BlueprintSIR
CIS-VRMCertified Implementation Specialist - Vendor Risk ManagementCIS-VRM BlueprintVRM
CADCertified Application DeveloperCAD BlueprintCAD

* No Certification Documentation could be found, but it's listed as if
one exists on the Certification Guide - locally incase SN updates/takes down original.

Learning Resources

post was made about why training is mandatory. I can't find my source but some folks have said