Outbound Email Examples - Might come in handy

I am trying to keep a small list of emails I get from service-now
installations... this post is just that;

Email Examples

Survey 1

Subject: ServiceNow Customer Satisfaction Survey for [RECORD]

We would like to thank you again for being our customer.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we hope the solution to
incident [RECORD] has met your expectations.

Please grade our performance by clicking the link below to complete a
short survey. Every survey is acted upon and your input is vital.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for your input.

[[Person's name] [Role, Department] [Company]](https://jace.pro/post/2019-07-10-email-examples/#persons-name-role-department-company)

Resolved by: [Resolvers Name]

Short description: [Short Description]

Survey 2

Subject: Survey invitation: New Survey on Customer Satisfaction Survey

You have been invited to take the survey: Customer Satisfaction

Click here to take your survey: [Link to survey]

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Record Commented

Subject: [Priority] [Record Class] Commented - [Company] - [Record]: [Short Description]

[Record Updated] [Priority] [Record Class]: [Record]

[Hi [Record Class] [Record] has been updated.](https://jace.pro/post/2019-07-10-email-examples/#hi-record-class-record-has-been-updated)

[Record Class]: [Record]
Priority: [Priority]
Short Description: [Short Description]



Steps to reproduce: [Steps to reproduce]

Business Criticality: [Impact]

Affected Users: [Quantity of users]

Start Date: [Start Date]

End Date: [End Date]

Click here to view [Record Class] [Record]

Sincerely, ServiceNow Customer Support