Backing Out an Update Set From a Batch

Author's Note: I know backing out isn't the right term but it's how I think of it.

Backing out update sets can be a pain.

Here's the thing. Update Set Batches are amazing, until you have a problem.

One problem I've experienced with batching work in development is;
Handling errors on update set batches.
Sometimes this is due to a missing plugin or some other update set that needs to wait. How do you correct this? With help from @paige and @ajb I will answer this;


... delete the previewed update sets (all of them, including parent). Remove it from the parent in the source instance and bring it all back over. - @paige

... un-parent it, or as Paige said - delete the whole thing - and re-parent in development - @ajb

When I've done the delete way in the past I've had issues and now reading through these comments I can guess why. You need to ensure you "... have to ensure you get ALL the update sets." as @paige said. I suspect I didn't get all the update sets.

Going forward now that I've had success doing this are these steps;

  1. Delete the Target Instance Update Sets, & Batch Update set
  2. Un-parent in source
  3. Re-import

Can issues still arise? Sure, keep this in mind;

So update sets can fail two ways in regards to batching;