TechNow Ep77 | Review of Paris Features

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So I watched the "TechNow Tuesday: Discover the Paris Platform features Review"

They hit a lot of things. Here's what I noted from the video.


Custom UI versioning support This is to version the Custom UI stuff like flows and workflows. You may want to update old tests for that version if you make tests
Improved indexing Similiar elements are not easily identified
Page inspector enhancements Better error messaging


Connections tab on Flow designer Very nice. Also, you can add child aliases.
OpenID Connect SSO Authenticate against Google, Facebook or whatever. To do that, Create an OpenID Connect configuration.
External self-user registration This is great - lets user self register. All you need to do is turn on the plugin\

Core Platform

Schedule Jobs - Business Calendar offset If you need to run something on a recurring basis for business offsets
Performance dashboard - instance view Now displays for entire instance and you can turn on and off for specific nodes
Robust transform engine (RTE) wildcards
Robust transform engine (RTE) nested structure Previously only support flat json structures

Domain separation

Application properties Different value for different domains for specific applications
Scheduled jobs - Domain iterator

Flow Designer

Action instance order renaming No longer nested. 3.2.1 => 8. Copy the flow if you're worried before you update the flow
Duplicate actions instance huge time saver
FlowAPI enhancements Older FlowAPI calls will work but please use the new stuff
FlowScriptAPI These are used within the flow
Ghost actions Have you ever noticed in production flows fail to open if referencing missing actions
Decision flow - Turn off branches _This is nice
Decision flow - Avoid repetitive "Update record" actions by applying the answer data
Multi-row Variable Set (MVRS) support
Run with roles
Send SMS action
Submit catalog item request action Another nail in the order guide coffin
Support multiple active connections
Update and delete multiple step Chuck uses it as a cleanup to delete the logs
User access control criteria Only show actions they can use


Data sources - data stream Objects can be flattened into import table. Or nested in a field. Pre-import script needed for this.
Dynamic object support and data stream output This can be great to do introspection of other data
Data stream Support for outputs in script parser. You now have access to action_inputs and action scripts
JSON Parser Flow Designer/IntegrationHub step Used live on lchh week of 7/23
JSON Payload Builder Builds file contents for api calls
XML Payload Builder Builds file contents for api calls

Integration Security

Outbound IP access controls A poor mans firewall - stops the instance and Midservers from hitting the IP.


Archiving Multi-consumer archiving
Archiving - Destroy related records
Archiving - Restore related records
MetricBase - Non sys_id based subjects for MetricBase
Instance data replication - bidirectional Now it's bidirection by one checkbox (Technow planned in December)
Instance data replication - discrete sets


Inbound / outbound email address filters

Platform security

Explicit roles Requires HI to enable
Mutual exclusive roles

Process Automation Designer

Process Automation Designer
Playbook experience Visual experience for Process Automation Designer in workspace\

Service Portal

Portal Analyzer

Source control

Global support Set sn_g_app_creator.allow_global property to true allow global apps in studio.
Delta loading - No good link This is big. You don't need to worry about destroying the tables and such on branch switches.

Script debugging enhanced

Console debugger Video by Brad Tilton Training


Skipped update records resolution tracking You just upgraded paris those changes are now captured in update sets.

Upgrade Center

Preview your upgrade Video coming in September on Technow.
Review completed upgrade
Manage skips with VTB


Agent email client Recipient fields/picker. Attachments. Quick messages.
Activity stream Filter by conversation. Attachments. Single scrollbars - was double before.
Condition BuilderWas a angular thing now its now-exp thing
Domain separation Is asked when making new records.
TinyMCE Updates Default toolbarTable specific attributesTinyMCE plugins for specific table.
Lists Live badges with refresh icon. Column resizing.

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