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Now Exp

  • CSS available on an element level.


  • moving to store release

playbook record generator

  • allows an agent to enter the data before the record is created.
  • playbook + ui builder has a better intergration
  • more options to add actions at the playbook level

playbook preview

  • improves the exp of building a playbook by allowing you to see it as you build on

Q: Can you use SP on Now Experience?
A: No, they are different technologies.

SN may release now components to SP (safe harbor)

Dev Tool Enhancements

Expanded Source control

  • can edit things like CSM in studio now?
  • headless testing is now possible via docker
  • servicenow cli

delegate dev.

  • admin can delegate the source control feature
  • delete app can be given to users

studio enchancements

  • can now create a now experience in studio
  • this allows folks w/o the app eng. studio licensines to create now exp.'s

flow designer

  • improved error handling
  • new simple math and string functions
  • performance of flow can be imporved by turning off logging
  • automatic variable cleaning. var_dictionary cleared after a month

Q: Can error handling actions have access to data pills?
A: Yes

intergrationhub $

  • now does imports (competes with import sets now - import sets reimagined - only supports data streams)
  • notifications - will tell you when you run into licensing issues
  • tls 1.2 support for fips compliance


multi-factor authentication

  • adaptive authentication - contextual security?
  • certificate based authentication

data exports metrics

  • this will let you measure whats being exported and if its sensitve

platform encryption Enhancements $

  • in rome encryption now doesnt need to apply to business rules/scripts

platform foundation

system logs

  • new fields

    • source (existing)
    • source package (new)
    • source application family (new)
  • schedule installation of plugins and applications
    Q: Can you scheduled install of update sets? A: ?

  • instance scan has new scan

    • reactive scan (based on a specific failure)
  • inbound emails actions

    • now can properly identify the user based on email across the extended user tables.
    • this was resolved by changing how the inbound does a match, cmn_notif_device table to find the user.

Q: how is the health scan different then the instance scan?
A: They are not different. Well Support does a health scan, you run an instance scan.

Q: is instance scans performance intensive?
A: Generally no

Q: an interesting use for instance scan.
A: data sanity checks (verify users have managers)