TechNow Ep76 Review of Flow Designer

Slabodnick is amazing. A long long time ago I had the opportunity to work with him. We did some great stuff there. I'm always happy to catch a session where he's excited about what he's working on. It seems that this is flow designer. I still don't use flow designer much. I should use it more.

Hopefully this is my turning point. This post isn't about me and how I will start using Flow Designer. It's about this video. They go over 5 powerful features in ServiceNow's Flow Designer system.

Here's the link to TechNow Ep 76. I breakdown what is gone over below.

Decision Tables

When I first read about these I was really hoping they could solve a complicated problem I have and I think many share with me. How to handle the churn of groups in ServiceNow. Turns out they can probably do this but just not well with workflow. In this video Slabodnick highlights what needs to be set up and how to use them.

Here's a link to the decision tables spot in the video.

Transform Data

I didn't know there even was this feature. You can simply transform the data without writing any code. I don't have much else to say.

Again, link to the transform data spot in the video.

Dynamic Inputs

This is a really interesting feature. I'd like to know what have you used for dynamic inputs in flow designer that saved you amazing amount of work. Seriously. Comment below or send me a message on Twitter @jacebenson.

Link to the dynamic inputs section of the video.

Power of SQL

Doing SQL stuff without writing powershell or another local language for the midserver? Really?! Cool.

Check it out here: Power of SQL

Dynamic Subflows

Dynamic Subflows - You just have to see them.

Q & A had some great questions